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The photos below are some of our recent church windows. For information on custom designs please e-mail us.
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Each window in the sanctuary
is identical except for the
center medallion of the cross...


Each medallion was chosen by the
family donating the window, and
each is custom designed...

Bible  Intertwined circles

Oak Leaves  Alpha and Omega

Rainbow  Burning Bush
Our studio offers handpainted kiln-fired
elements to customize windows...

Painting on Glass  

Owner Nicki Walker-Masterson
paints on clear glass with
ground glass "frit," then kiln
fires the piece to 1350 degrees.
Windows for the front of the
sanctuary include a new door
and transom...

Front doors

Sunday School rooms all have
a simplified version of the
sanctuary window, and those
open to the outside have
stained glass windows
in the doors and transoms...

   Sunday School
                    Window   Sunday School Door
A beautiful sunset image after
installation of the final window.

Sun sets on a job well done
We will remember
working with the
members of
Church with
much love and


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